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I’m a blue collar worker who has spent a lot of time on the internet. I’m in my mid 50’s now. Before the internet I spent a lot of time learning Proverbs (learned a bit of Hebrew as pertained to Proverbs vocabulary) and have spent a lot of time watching news over the years and listening to books on CD. I’ve got a penchant for studying things disaster related. The Comets of God by Jeffrey Goodman, Ph.D. had a good take on the book of Revelation and matched some of my thinking about future prophesied disasters about the earth being split apart and rocking like a drunkard (the kind of things you’d expect from a comet impact). I just completed reading the Geological Time Scale 2012 and am now reading its successor The Geological Time Scale 2020. I believe in Genesis 1:14 which states that God put the stars in the sky for us to understand times and season. The farthest stars in other galaxies are redshifted in such a way for us to determine the expansion rate of the universe and even prove that the universe had a beginning. Also the light from that event (“cosmic background radiation” or the original hot light which is now in the microwave spectrum) attests to that creation event. I also believe that Cain had reason to fear when he was driven out of the area of Eden that he would be killed by other people. “Whoever finds me will kill me” was his complaint. I’m bringing this up so that you can see some of how I see the Bible reconciling with science and history, but not necessarily in a way that has been traditionally represented.

I was impressed with the honesty of Tim Mahoney and also found among the scholars represented in the Historical Faith Society a more impressive array of thoughts and ideas than I thought I would. (I did some additional research on a few of the scholars and found the information they presented at other websites to be intriguing, very well supported and worth more study.)

I decided to join the Historical Faith Society (in part) to help make sure this good effort (starting this organization of thinkers and doers) will have a better chance of success. Another reason is because two years of the offered benefits seemed like a fairly good deal for guy like me who likes to learn. And maybe I’ll have an opportunity to help out from time to time.

My wife and now grown son living with us have enhanced my compassion and writing ability as well as my level of knowledge and overall awareness in science, political, social, international and philosophical issues, respectively.