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Stephen Sample:

I am quite simply, a total supporter of the necessity  of providing people (believes  and nonbelievers alike) with the resources  needed for them to answer their own questions about the reliability of the Bible in terms of history and the Intelligent Design of  our Living Planet and cosmos.

Career: Science Educator for forty-five years at:

1. Central New Mexico community college

2. College of the Redwoods

3. Instructor of  Gifted students at Farmington Schools

and San Juan college .


1. San Diego state university and University California San Diego in Physics, Geology, and Biology.

2. Humboldt State University in Philosophy of Science and Biological Evolution.


1. iBooks publisher on Apple Books website

A. Trilobite Lab for Junior High students

B Trilobite Lab for High School students

2. Curriculum developer on :

1. Burgess Shale deposit and the Cambrian Explosion.

2. Geology of Western National Parks

3  Super Volcanoes of North America

4. Historical mining and heavy metal toxicity of the upper-Animas river watershed.

5. The Anasazi of Mesa Verde and Chaco Canyon.

Speaker: I give talks to college crowds and church groups all the above research topics.

Personal: My wife,Ellen, and I have been married for some forty-five years and have three grown children who now have families of their own. I do the photography and field research for all topics listed above. Such work constitutes my “vacations” for the last thirty plus years

My wife and I have been active church members wherever we have lived.

In conclusion, I look forward in being an active participant and contributor to The Historical Faith Society.