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I’m Ron Smith, a newly retired 36-year veteran pediatrician and a self-published author. I’m extremely interested in the historicity and archaeology of the Bible. I hope that I can quench my thirst better with this resource.

My book, Between Justice and Mercy and Related Essays links the Exodus Passover with the Last Passover where Jesus was crucified. Two critical things were addressed in the book: first, that Jesus was indeed dead for three days, just as he told his disciples on many occasions, and second, that the ancient Jewish wedding perfectly matches his ministry as well as the precise order of the breaking of bread and the sharing of the wine at the Last Supper.

Similar to the Patterns of Evidence: Exodus, there are significant events and associations which cannot be overlooked. All point to the fact that Jesus was who he said he was, and that the promise of that week was written in what I call the figura umbra (shape of the shadow) of the Exodus Passover.

This isn’t intended to be a plug for the book by any means, but if you want more information, you can see it on the book web site here.