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I am an Australian scholar from Brisbane who has been fascinated with the revised chronology movement since the 1990’s when I first read Velikovsky’s “Ages in Chaos” series and David Rohl’s “A Test of Time” (aka “Pharaohs and Kings”).

I am currently developing an 8 lecture video series entitled “The Bible and Egypt – In Search of a Correct Egyptian Chronology” that analyses the pros and cons of the major chronologies on offer with particular focus on where the evidence intersects with Bible history.

The purpose of the series is, in a clear and simple manner that any intelligent lay person can grasp, determine which chronology of Egypt or mix of chronologies is the best fit with all the evidence we have from both archaeology and the Bible and, from that understanding, give a historical overview of the events of the Bible. A two part bonus lecture will continue the historical background from the Exile to the end of the New Testament.

The ancient history section of my website with many relevant articles and videos can be found at