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I’m a follower of the one true God, a father to an amazing baby boy named Asher, and an independent Biblical researcher.

I work for Ryan Mauro’s Doubting Thomas Research Foundation – which upholds and affirms the historical accuracy of the Bible.

Our main focus of research is the route of the Exodus and the true location of Mount Sinai.

This led to the production of our short, 25 minute documentary in 2018 called, “Finding the Mountain of Moses: The Real Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia,” which advocates for Jabal al-Maqla (on the Jabal al-Lawz mountain range) in NW Saudi Arabia as being the most likely candidate for Mount Sinai.

I’m a huge fan of the Patterns of Evidence film series and am also a Support Tech for the Historical Faith Society.

Reach out in the Support Chat any time for assistance or if you have questions about the website! Blessings!