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I’m 58 married 36 years with five adult children, 3 sons, a daughter and we took in a little girl from our old neighborhood when we discovered her father had passed when she was 3, and her mother had inoperable brain cancer and had no family willing to help.

So we started helping, and eventually “Cindy” asked if we would adopt “Samantha” in a heartbreaking very real conversation when Cindy was at the point where she was under 80 lbs, could barely walk, or speak and was close to the end.

She told us she had watched us with our own children and respected how we raised them to have manners and respect adults at a time when the opposite is very often the case. She told us it was so obvious we loved our ids, and were a close family, and tears flowed when she told us she saw how we also loved Samantha and if she didn’t know, she would have thought she was one of our own children because we all treated Samantha as one of the kids.

That was the hardest days of our lives knowing Cindy was asking us to be mother and father to her own child, and trusting us with the most important thing in her life. Samantha is married and has three girls! She lives just a few blocks away and she is an awesome young woman and great loving mother! We all love her so very much and have all been through the saddest times and the most happy times  together.

I was a professional rock lead vocalist/writer/rhythm guitar player for over 25 years until I had a very real, miraculous, petrifying and wonderous meeting with Jesus Christ one early evening which turned my entire world on it’s head in an instant!

I never saw the Lord, He was behind me and spoke to me and I was much to terrified and frozen stiff to dare turn and look! Up to that moment, I had lived a “rock star” lifestyle and was seriously addicted to hard drugs!

The Lord instantly healed and cured my addictions, and showed me what I can only call “visions” which appeared real, and was done so I wouldn’t do what I tried desperately to do, and “explain” it away! When you’re a hard core drug addict in a career where all the drugs you could ever want or not want are in your face free 24/7 and you are hopelessly addicted as I was, and in a literal instant you are no longer having withdrawal, no longer high, no longer sick, and no longer constantly craving drugs, your attempts to explain it away fail! Add visions which came true in the mix and yes, I had my wife call the guys, who I loved like brothers, and knew I was about to destroy their very rare one in a million opportunity to get signed by a major label, which we were in contact with at the time, and yet my mind was solidly made up!

I left the band a day after my experience. The guys all hated me for many years,but I eventually repaired the relationships with three of the four, and one eventually also gave his life to the Lord!! We are as brothers to this day. One of the four hates me and refuses to speak to me all these years later, and this is quite ironic because he is the one of that group who actually did sign with a major band known globally and became a multi millionair “rock star”!! HE is the one who carried that hatred! “) I still love him and pray he gets saved!

I ended up with a serious illness and after emergency surgery spent 4 months battling for life in hospital!

I’ve had three subsequent major surgeries that last was Jan 2020 and after losing 60 lbs from 200 to 140 I am on the mend and gaining weight back! I am eating healthier and getting stronger day by day! The photo is recent, as a few short months back you wouldn’t recognize me as someone much more than a few inches from the ground! “)

The Lord has reasons for everything, I am not a depressive person ever! I don’t worry about anything, if there’s a problem I do whatever I can, however, some things are beyond our ability to affect, and so I let the Lord sort those times out, which are thankfully rare!

I’m happy, my family are healthy and happy. I still play guitar and have recently purchased recording studio software and am going to write one for the Lord! It’s been many, many years since I’ve done any serious writing or recording so this is exciting!

The world is in a transition into a dark place currently, and again, I have no fear and no worries it is all in His hands!!

I just signed up to HFS today and look forward to making friends and learning new things!!

Jack AKA “Bronzesnake”