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I am an Italian musician who teaches music (guitar and bass guitar). I was born in 1964 and grew up in a family with a Catholic tradition. When I went to high school as a teenager, I lost my faith in God and became an atheist because of what I had learned in school.

After several years of atheism, I discovered that the Bible is an extraordinary book and I began to study it very thoroughly. Now, after many years of in-depth Bible study, I am convinced that the Bible is the word of God and I am committed to making known to others the extraordinary characteristics of the Bible and its message to humanity.

In fact, in addition to my normal activity as a music teacher, I use my free time as a Bible teacher to help others and build their faith in God and in the Bible.


If anyone wants to know more about the Bible lessons I teach, I can be reached at this email address: [email protected]

Moreover, my music activity can be known through my  “abelband” YouTube channel: