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CEO and Principal Researcher – MIKRA Research Laboratory; Professor of Bible and Apologetics, the Brookes Bible College, St. Louis


Rickett’s work at MIKRA includes biblical manuscript analysis, conservation, education, research technologies development, and public exhibitions of textual artifacts. He has given lectures and conducted manuscript and scroll exhibits in academic and US governmental facilities and collaborated in manuscript projects internationally. He has taught over 50 course titles emphasizing biblical and theological research languages and textual exegesis at seminaries and colleges in California, Texas, Arkansas, and Missouri. He holds a postgraduate degree in Old Testament and a doctorate in Christian Worldview and Cultural Engagement. He  developed the MIKRA Research Laboratory as his doctoral project during which time he studied medieval Hebrew manuscripts at the University of Oxford’s Center for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Oxford, UK. In addition to serving as a classroom instructor since 1998, He has published and contributed to publications in his areas of interests. Dr. Rickett was featured in the 2019 film, The Moses Controversy and became a featured writer for the Patterns of Evidence Thinkers articles later that year, writing 30 in less than 12 months. In addition to his work at MIKRA, he serves as Professor of Bible and Apologetics at the Brookes Bible College, St. Louis where he teaches Biblical Hebrew, Worldview Analysis, and Apologetics. He is also the Pastor-Teacher of The Bible Church of Beebe, in Beebe, Arkansas. For more about MIKRA, or to schedule an exhibit or event for your organization, see To learn more about Brookes Bible College, or to enroll in an undergraduate biblical studies program, see: