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Dr. Shawn Nelson has two degrees in apologetics and one in biblical studies. He is coauthor with Norm Geisler of Evidence of an Early New Testament Canon, a contributor to Vital Issues in the Inerrancy Debate (WIPF & Stock, 2016), and has authored work for the International Society of Christian Apologetics. He has a passion for defending a high-view of Scripture and is a founding contributor at

A recent doctoral graduate of Veritas International University, much of Shawn’s academic work on apologetics is available online at His recent doctoral work involved the creation of a novel apologetics assessment which helps people discover which apologetic method was most effective for convincing them Christianity is true.

Shawn has also developed a Christian Search Engine where people can find trusted answers to questions about the Bible and theology.

Shawn has a passion for providing lay training in areas like theology, apologetics, church history, hermeneutics, philosophy and evangelism (see past classes here).

Shawn is married, has two grown children, one grandchild, and resides in Solana Beach, CA.