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My name is Barry Gladden. I’m a former management consultant who specialized in multinational manufacturers across hi-tech, automotive, and aerospace & defense industries. One of my many interests lies in the historicity of our faith. Not so much as an apologetic, though that is of inestimable value, but seeing/experiencing the reality of God’s interaction with humanity in real terms, how people have responded across the millennia, and how what they believed shaped their lives often distinct from surrounding majority culture and influenced the world. It helps us to understand the Hebraic/Jewish roots of Christianity and, I think, speaks reams to our lives even today. It just fascinates me and does oodles for my faith. Today, the connections between Eden, Jerusalem, the historical temple and eschatological temple have me tied up in research knots!  I love Tim’s work, passion, and mission. I got swept up in the Patterns films as soon as I saw them. It’ll sure be a privilege to be a part of the society.