Journey to Mount Sinai Film Update

Moses addressing the Israelites at Mount Sinai, from the Patterns of Evidence film series

Summary: An update and calling for completion of the next film in the Patterns of Evidence series – Journey to Mount Sinai. We need your help NOW to reach the finish line.

Now Mount Sinai was wrapped in smoke because the LORD had descended on it in fire. The smoke of it went up like the smoke of a kiln, and the whole mountain trembled greatly. – Exodus 19:18 (ESV)

A Challenge and an Opportunity

A challenge requires action. One of the biggest challenges in our culture today is the crumbling of a biblical foundation. This is causing a massive falling away, even in our own families, where more people are departing from faith in God and the Bible.  We can see the profound effects of skepticism all around us in the world today, as the ideas supported by biblical teaching are rapidly being eroded away

Each of our films has offered incredible impact for people who were skeptical or confused about the truth of the Bible. Below are some of the quotes from people around the world who have watched a Patterns of Evidence film.

“The fact that you were chosen to make these now, in our history, is very telling. There is so much doubt, and faith is so weak.” Sandy C.

“I just wanted to say, how grateful I am for what you’ve done, and the answers you provided to the huge questions I had. I can’t begin to tell you how many I had, and how specific my questions were. You addressed SOO many. You answered most of the major frustrations in my search.” Sean O.

“..the Patterns of Evidence film series has absolutely changed my life – it has strengthened my faith beyond the point of belief to a point where I just know, beyond a shadow on any doubt, that God’s Word is true from cover to cover.” Logan K.

“It really resonated with me because I “lost my faith” when I was in my late 20’s, and spent the next decade trying to prove God thru archaeology (both researching and collecting). I got exposed to the underbelly of it (forgeries, etc) and ultimately realized a degree of Faith is required. But still have a passion for things that reinforce my Faith, and your documentary did exactly that.” Brit R.

What action can you take to help? One is to join us in the making of our next film Journey to Mount Sinai. You will have the opportunity to help bring back trust in the Bible.

The next film in the Patterns of Evidence series, Journey to Mount Sinai explores the validity of one of the most significant events in the Bible. The covenant, the law, and the revelation given at Mount Sinai would become the first five books of the Bible and form the foundation of everything that came afterward. Yet, many people today doubt these events ever happened as described in the Bible. However, if there is new and compelling evidence that these events convincingly happened. The net effect will be to reassert the biblical narrative with all of its power. And this has been the power of Patterns of Evidence films when viewers are able to see the plausible evidence for the biblical account they personally re engage in their faith and the authority of the Bible.

Journey to Mt. Sinai will finish the investigation begun in Red Sea Miracle I and II to grapple with the biblical account of the path taken by Moses and the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt, across a parted sea, and on to a mountain where they met with God.

This brings me back to the challenge and the opportunity. We need help to complete this next film like we never have before. So I am reaching out to you and all our Thinkers, and anyone else who has seen merit in Patterns of Evidence films and wants to see the journey continue with the next film. Below, I will explain why things are different this time, give some news about what to expect in this next installment of the series, and share about how to ‘give’ to make this film a reality that will spread its message around the world – there IS evidence showing the credibility of the Sinai events.

What is Different This Time Around?

Producing high-quality films is very expensive. Although Patterns of Evidence films don’t have the star power of a Hollywood blockbuster, they involve lengthy and in depth investigations with unique onsite footage, important interviews with leading scholars, and powerful insights paired with dramatic biblical recreations.

In the past we raised money for our films from investors. Last year we decided to become a non-profit 501c3 organization – Patterns of Evidence Foundation. One benefit of this is that it allows a much broader participation in making the films happen. Now you can play a role in making the next film and reaching the world with the foundational truths of the Bible by donating to the Patterns of Evidence Foundation.

The truth is, we can’t move forward until we raise the funds required to finish. As our team talked about our needs for completing the upcoming film, we decided the best thing to do would be to just let everyone know the situation, and then ask you to join us in getting the job done.

A Unique Opportunity

However, there are also unique opportunities this time around. From our past investigation into the Exodus route, about 95% of the footage needed for Journey to Mount Sinai has already been filmed. The initial script has also been laid out. This along with increasing efficiency means that the remaining budget to finish this film is only $700 thousand. This will fund the remaining interviews, music, editing, special animations, and everything needed to finish and release the film. 

This is a wonderful opportunity and a way you can share in the mission of spreading the message that the Bible’s account of history is reliable. Based on the feedback we have been getting, these films are having a tremendous impact.

The Search for the Mountain of God

Picking up from where the previous film left off, Journey to Mount Sinai will continue the geographical exploration by expanding on the Destination step of the pattern. Where was the mountain at which Moses encountered a burning bush that was not consumed and heard the voice of God? It was to this mountain that Moses was commanded to return with the Israelites.

Many different mountains have been proposed as the true location of Mount Sinai, also called the Mountain of God. The traditional site in the southern Sinai Peninsula has long been the most popular, but what evidence supports this designation, and does the route to this mountain fit the biblical information for the Exodus journey?

A historical map of the Sinai Peninsula from Lands of the Bible
A historical map of the Sinai Peninsula. (courtesy of Glen Fritz)

Proponents for other contenders in the northern Sinai Peninsula and the Arabian Peninsula will make their case as the biblical account is examined for clues. Surprising archaeological and historical evidence will be brought forward as the competing claims are boiled down to their understandable distinctives. Which mountain will have a pattern of evidence that best bits the biblical information?

Joining the Team

Journey to Mount Sinai promises to be one of the most stirring and significant films of the entire Patterns of Evidence series. Those of you who are inspired by the evidence and approach found in these films know that no one is making films quite like Patterns of Evidence. Including different viewpoints makes them unusually shareable with those who may not have faith. And it’s hard to find a more pivotal topic than the events at Mount Sinai. That’s one reason we feel it’s so important to finish this film. Will you join with us to help make that happen?

We are thankful for all the support you’ve given in the past. And for those who have enjoyed our films, books, articles and curriculum and have been considering doing more by giving a financial donation, now is the time. For those who want to help support the Patterns of Evidence Foundation, but don’t have the financial ability to donate at this time, you can play an important role in spreading the word. By sharing our films and our needs with family and friends, you can help grow the support needed to reach the finish line.

For those of faith, we would appreciate your prayers that this film would accomplish all that we hope for and more. We can’t do it without you, but together we can reach our goal of finishing Journey to Mount Sinai before the end of the year.

To make a donation simply click here. Or at any time go to our website Then click the red DONATE button on the top right. Fill out the donation form for Patterns of Evidence Foundation. If you’d like to write a check please make it out to Patterns of Evidence Foundation and mail it to:

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Here is our Fed EIN # 85-1693750 

If you’d like to grant to us from your National Christian Foundation (NCF) Giving Fund you can click here and be taken to NCF.

As a special thank you for anyone giving a tax-deductible donation, your name will be included in the credits at the end of the film (you can also leave that blank if you choose not to have your name included).

Help support our next film Patterns of Evidence: Journey to Mount Sinai
Sample view on the donation page

Because raising funds is now so crucial for the future of Patterns of Evidence, we will repeat this message in the next Thinkers. People don’t always have the time to read these messages every week and we need as many people as possible to become aware and come alongside us at this time. In future updates, look for more details about the upcoming film, including some sneak peek scenes.

Thank you for standing with us at this critical time, and as always – keep thinking!


Timothy P. Mahoney – Director, Patterns of Evidence Foundation and Historical Faith Society

TOP PHOTO: Moses addressing the Israelites at Mount Sinai. (© 2019 Patterns of Evidence)

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