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  • Thomas Donlon

    October 19, 2021 at 4:13 am

    Hi Walter. I’m less fragile than some people when it comes to statements that don’t directly support Christianity. I spent my earlier years in a household where my religious views were a minority view.

    I’m not familiar with the larger body of your writing nor if you have a particularly bent or desire to prove or support any position… so I don’t really have anything to say about the response from HFS.

    But I did look a little bit at what you wrote and I noted your remarks about Paleo-Sinaitic inscriptions.

    Tablet or shattered tablets … what can or should be made of them? I see and understand your viewpoint. It might though also be argued stones break over time. It might be argued that there can be a tendency or tradition of breaking things like tablets at different times. The Bible has the tradition in a number of places of people tearing their robes.

    Your level of treatment of the Bible, for me anyways, is adequate for a profitable discussion. Certainly discussions can devolve (and again I know nothing about you… didn’t even do a search on you) but I’m personally cool with an opportunity to discuss some things — even viewpoints that don’t align with my own.

    I barely looked at your post earlier, because I’m not hugely interested in the route of the Exodus… at least until some viewpoint garners clearer support.

    I’d if I were you might keep posting a little longer. If the discussion isn’t suitable (and it will probably prove that way) for more fragile readers we can form a by invitation subgroup (I’m not sure exactly how it is done… where more intense analysis and give and take can take place).

    Let me just toss this question back into the mix. Christians or believers of all sorts can discuss this. The Ten Commandments, I’ve been told, are worded a bit different in the Biblical Accounts. Is one a corruption of the other? Did God speak longer or write more and each version left out details the other had?

    These are the type of questions people CAN wrestle with. Christians should have some understanding why other people or liberals believe as they do. The answer or answers, within a believing Biblical context SHOULD illuminate scripture even more and give it MORE meaning.

    Also, Tim Mahoney’s response to issues was to Think… even when thinking was difficult or answers didn’t immediately come.

    As time progresses, and new historical research is unearthed we find that the Bible is proved true on points, and and at other times a lot of pressure develops to modify viewpoints … like the age of the earth, as one example.

    I don’t run the Discussion Forum, but I can hold discussions with you. You may actually be more interested in some aspects of Biblical History than I am. Yet if you are a really good thinker I can probably engage with you even more and maybe you would like to help me do some research that, at least so far, no one else here has expressed too much interest (or have the necessary time) to do.