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  • Deborah Hurn

    October 18, 2021 at 9:06 pm

    So you have found the HFS forum, Walter. For the information of the members here I will just make a quick statement. Walter, you have created a multi-page website with a prodigious collection of exodus material. We have been in touch for many years, and I am thankful for some of the references you have curated. Your collection of books and documents on the exodus must surely out-size anyone’s and you have scanned in many useful old maps and illustrations, and quoted innumerable scholars and historical sources. You have also made some credible discoveries and proposals, for example, the well Abu Suwayr that seems to preserve the name of Shur. I cite you for this detail in my itineraries work.

    The problem for HFS is this… you repeatedly declaim and deny the historicity of the biblical account of the exodus, calling the narrative “fiction”. Another problem is this… you are very influenced by the skeptical scholars and their historical-critical and literary-critical approaches to the Bible. You privilege their opinions above the claims of the Bible’s authors. You may not be aware that this is not an “anything goes” forum on the exodus and other biblical topics… here people believe (or seek to believe) in the biblical narrative as history, and accept (or seek to accept) the events as having taken place. The forum exists, thanks to Tim Mahoney and his sponsors and their decades-long efforts and expense, to demonstrate the biblical account of the exodus and conquest is historically true. There was a statement of faith/belief when I joined the forum; I will paste the link here when I find it.