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  • Walter Mattfeld

    October 18, 2021 at 6:26 pm

    It is not enough that Mt. Sinai has archaeological evidence of a presence (usually potter sherds) as Serabit el Khadim does at its Egyptian shrine for Hat-Hor in the form of Pharaohonic cartouches and pottery sherds. One must also account for TWO EVENTS: (1) Israel’s worship of the Golden Calf, and (2) Moses hurling down and smashing two tables of stone with the Ten Commandments on their surfaces. I have accounted for both in my research. Hat-Hor’s (a goddess in human and cow form) devotees honor her yearly with loud, boisterous song and dance, in a state of drunken nudity to there by emulate her. She was called “the Golden one,” “Mistress of song and dance,” and “Mistress of drunkeness.” She was the patroness of the Egyptian miners. Asiatics from Canaan worked the mines with their Egyptian counterparts. Egyptian made votives bore Asiatic inscriptions honoring Hat-Hor as Baalat, “LADY” a title she was known by at Byblos in Phoenicia in her temple there. In myth she gives birth to the sun at sunrise, envisioned as a GOLDEN CALF (the spirit of a dead Pharaoh). Tomb art shows a solar bark with a male calf on board, with Horus the Hawk god. Pyramid texts have Pharaoh Pepi (6th dynasty) saying “Let me on board the solar bark for I am a GOLDEN CALF born of Heaven.” Hat-Hor was conceived as being Heaven, in the form of a Heavenly Cow, Pharaoh, in art, suckling her teats, she being in the form of cow; Pharaoh in human form at other times is a bull calf suckling. Near Hat-Hor’s shrine, were found shattered stone tablets bearing Proto-Sinatic inscriptions asking for the help of the Canaanite god EL (in the Bible God is called EL at Sinai). These shattered tablets were found at the base of mounts near mining cave entrances, in the rock scree rubble. Erosion separated them from the living rock, to fall and shatter. Today they are in Egyptian Museums.

    I understand these shattered stones became Moses’ shattered 10 Commandments. I do not understand that the Exodus, as portrayed in the Bible really happened, it is fiction, but I have sought the real events BEHIND this fiction in the archaeological artifacts unearthed in the Sinai by archaeologists.