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Home Forums Evidence for Biblical miracles Destruction by fire… location and evidence? Reply To: Destruction by fire… location and evidence?

  • Thomas Donlon

    October 12, 2021 at 11:31 am

    Dear H Family, there seems to be a split in observations of this matter among the Answers in Genesis staff. “God could use something like that.

    The man with the shinier head almost seems clearly irritated with Brody or with the dismissal of All the evidence that was in the Nature Scientific Report. Some sections of the Answers TV episode in the link the H Family provided has worthwhile information. Also the female among the presenters said (from memory… maybe I have a word wrong) “Something clearly happened.”

    The blast that took out Tall el-Hammam is calculated to be similar to many of the larger Hydrogen bombs that were tested by the US and Soviets. These destroy entire metropolitan areas.

    Good marketers often have a great ability to simplify complex matters. But sometimes simplicity causes important details to be overlooked. Ken Ham with the assistance of his research staff wrote this.

    Well, headlines are certainly proclaiming
    that “a giant space rock” smashing down over Tall el-Hamman in the
    Middle East 3,600 years ago may have “inspire[ed] the biblical story of
    Sodom.” Based on their analysis, they argue the asteroid sped towards
    the city at 38,000 mph, exploded into a blinding fireball 2.5 miles
    above ground in a blast “around 1,000 times more powerful than the
    Hiroshima atomic bomb,” immediately encasing the city in flames and
    sending a destructively powerful shockwave through the city. Everyone
    and everything in the city were instantly killed.

    My problem is with the word “over” and “sped towards the city.” This might be a “picky” detail but it is important. Tall el-Hammam was NOT the epicenter. The center of the blast originated rather over or close to the area of the northern part of the Dead Sea. That is why the shiny head guy on the Answers TV (not an insult my head is shiny too) also made the remark that “If the timing is wrong…great!” He like me, doesn’t have a great deal of trust in Carbon 14 dating in all circumstances. Tim Mahoney and staff have written about research done showing how carbon-14 dating, in the middle east especially, is causing all kinds of headaches for those who try to apply to ancient times. The problems are complex and there may even be problems with C-14 dating HFS and the Thinker updates haven’t covered yet.

    The shiny head guy on the answers TV panel therefore hasn’t shut the door on this being the same destruction that took out Sodom… as Ken Ham has done.

    The Historical Faith Society has been fortunate to have David Barrett join as a thinker. He is the proprietor and developer of I’m excited about that in part, because I love maps and that he has a good map showing several ancient routes leading to Ein Gedi, which some ancient sources locate as close to Sodom. But I’m out-of-time. Run off to work I will. But lest, I forget the overlay of the comparison of the destruction of Tunguska (in the Nature Report … now accessed over 300,000 times) with this blast purported to take out Sodom, DOES extend to the Ein Gedi region and therefore WOULD be a good match for Sodom being on the cusp of the destruction region allowing Lot and daughters enough time to RUN to Zoar.