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  • Thomas Donlon

    September 30, 2021 at 3:38 pm

    I just put this comment up at a Rumble website of Eric Mataxas’s Radio Program where he interviewed Steven Collins (archaeologist who searched for the site of Sodom and found Tall el-Hammam and excavated it and saw the destruction… amazing archaeologist).

    I’ll share my comment that I made there here as well. I hope the format doesn’t get too mixed up.

    Dr. Collins has made a fantastic discovery using the Bible. However (and
    this is really good news) though Tall el-Hammam is the largest city
    discovered in the area, Sodom likely has yet to be discovered.

    4 Strong
    Biblical reasons.

    First) Ezekiel 16:1-46 Shows Sodom was to the South of

    Second) Genesis 18:1 through Genesis 19:1 shows the angels
    and the Lord stopped off to see Abraham in the heat of the day and
    picked up some “fast food” and then went on their way walking and
    arrived at Sodom late in the evening. Tall el-Hammam is not a half day
    walk from Mamre/Hebron area. Places on the West side of the Dead Sea
    are. And this is extremely plausible for a city in this area to be taken
    out in the same blast that took out Tall el-Hammam. Nature’s report
    overlays the Tunguska blast onto the Dead Sea area and the blast radius
    covers this area too.

    Third biblical Reason) is that city of Sodom was a
    major financial hub which warranted being under tribute to Kedorlaomer
    King of Elam. If the city was merely of Tall el-Hammam size they would
    have just once taken its treasure. However Sodom was big enough to be a
    gift that keeps on giving. It was big enough to warrant sending a major
    army all the way from Elam when the kings stopped paying tribute.

    reason(s)) deal with itinerary of the battle. Genesis 14:7 has the
    attacking army at Hazezon Tamar (which is Ein Gedi (2 Chronicles 20:2) )
    and then after getting the goods from Sodom (no siege required… bad
    walls unlike Tall el-Hammam) they just continued going North and Abraham
    overtook them around Damascus, whereas I think TeH is closer to the
    King’s Highway a more direct route back. Josephus put Sodom west of the
    Dead Sea, I recollect. However now that the power of the destructive
    blast that took out TeH (the acronym for Tall el-Hammam used in the
    Nature Scientific Report) we can be confident that the affects of the
    blast could reach this area without even postulating the bolide split up
    extending the range..