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  • Michele Rousseau

    September 28, 2021 at 7:29 pm

    Thank you for your response and explanation. I imagine there is much debate about what water truly was the historical crossing!! I’m trying to learn how to discuss my point of view with the openness to hearing other points of view. It’s difficult at first to be so open to something I feel such deep conviction about, but I am learning from you and Timothy and others to appreciate the time of thought and experiences of others, to respect other perspectives. Interestingly, when I do that, I become stronger in my conviction and faith because I weighed the other perspective. This is all an interesting quest journey we are on and how we stir each other’s faith about the issues here.

    I continue to watch the documentaries multiple times, and each time I get more detail and perspective than I did before. I was so glad to learn about Solomon’s ships from an interview on the documentary (Red Sea Miracle II). I didn’t even realize there were other historical references to the Red Sea. I’ve been encountering many poetic writings about the Red Sea, but this passage of scripture was more of a chronicle writing. I look forward to finding more of these kinds of references in my Bible studies.