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  • Thomas Donlon

    August 1, 2021 at 9:35 pm

    I apologize for not being yet adequately ready to comment on some of the wonderful thoughts shared here. What you said and wrote about The Psalter … I never knew what a Psalter was and still I need to research it.

    Your recommendations to listen to scripture, to memorize it as well as read it… all this is very strategic and is frequently the best use of time.

    I’ll also add that it is OK to listen to the Bible in an audio format and NOT feel the need to be stressed about being attentive to it. People have the TV or the radio on in the background, listening to scripture in such a manner, while possibly at times this doesn’t result in learning… other times you’ll just catch something strategic, fascinating and important and then you can hit the rewind button and catch this. It is really helpful in understanding many stories in the Old Testament this way. Much of the history in the Old Testament can only be learned that way. Secondary people in scripture start coming to life. Benaiah son of Jehoida is one such example. The cross-references in scripture with these minor characters makes a reader realize that the accounts in the Old Testament have a depth to them, an accuracy to them.

    In any case, H Family I appreciate you sharing what has helped you with spiritual growth… I’ve listened to the Bible dozens of times from cover to cover and picked up lot’s of interesting and helpful insights. Occasionally when the Bible has certain sections that I’ve desperately needed to hear, learn from, be corrected by, inspired by or really need to do some personal transformation or be ready to combat some difficult situations, I’ve memorized certain sections of scripture. My recall has faded on what I’ve memorized but many of the main points are still with me after decades.

    I didn’t want to fail to “second” and concur with your statements about how helpful scripture is. I’ve not yet looked at what you wrote in terms of me researching all the links, but I just think everyone should be aware you are on the mark, on target, with better understanding and learning the word of God.

    Good job! We, me included, need to be reminded of how excellent God’s word is from time to time.