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  • The H Family

    July 31, 2021 at 10:05 am

    Keisuke @keisuke-matsumoto ,

    About 15 years ago our family was introduced to two things that have been the biggest spiritual blessings for us. And both, along with the ministry of Answers in Genesis, have had an effect on our worldview.

    Even though we were Bible readers, we never followed a systematic reading of the Scriptures until someone introduced us to Robert Murray McCheyne’s reading plan. The schedule takes you through 4 chapters of the Bible each day, and complete the entire Bible in a year, and the Psalms and New Testament twice. If someone finds that much reading to be overwhelming, you can listen to some of the readings on an audio Bible. Implementing a schedule like this helps you to see the entire picture of God’s love story to each of us. For example, one of the readings in the Old Testament on any given day might have a prophecy in it, and you might, on the same day, read the fulfillment of that prophecy in the New Testament. How many worldview problems might be resolved if we simply read the entirety of God’s Word? Think about it, most of us have been guilty of reading the Bible in a way that we would never dream of doing with another book. We randomly select bits and pieces, leaving the great majority of the Scriptures unread. We would never think about doing that with a textbook or novel. Most importantly, like we said above, it’s God’s love letter to us. It’s not a chore to read it, it’s a privilege and a blessing. Think of how many in the world have not been granted that blessing and may never have it. Many people start reading plans at the New Year, but you could just as well start it on any day of the year.

    The second thing that imparted a real spiritual blessing to us relates, in fact, to what you said about the Psalms. The same friend who introduced the Bible reading plan also introduced us to the Psalter, which is the Book of Psalms put to music so that they can be sung and memorized. In 1640, the first book printed in America happened to be a Psalter called The Bay Psalter. In 2013, one copy of it sold for more than $14 million. But the blessing to a soul who has memorized the Psalms is worth far more than its weight in gold. The Psalter used to be known across denominational lines for singing in the church, and yet most churches today would be hard pressed to know what one even was. How can we go wrong by memorizing and singing God’s Word?

    There are two places that we know of where you can buy Psalters. One is the Trinitarian Bible Society, which sells the Psalms of David in Meter. If one is comfortable with the KJV, NKJV, or Geneva Bible, this Psalter would most closely resemble the text. Other good Psalters can be found through Crown and Covenant. Their most well-known Psalter is known as The Book of Psalms for Worship, which anyone who is not familiar with singing them would find the easiest to learn and incorporate into private and public worship. And for you personally, Crown and Covenant also offers a Japanese Psalter. Many of the tunes used for these Psalms are already familiar, and if they are not, you can find them on

    Scripture Memory Fellowship is a ministry based out of Texas, that has helped thousands of people memorize Scripture. We can’t remember if it’s once a year, but they also have a Scriptorium (which sort of reminds us of Ezra reading the Bible publicly) which is where people get together to recite large selections of the Bible that they have memorized. A few years ago, they even had a fellow who memorized and recited the entire Book of Revelation. Maybe you could be instrumental in bringing a Scriptorium to Japan? 🙂

    Answers in Genesis has fabulous resources, many of which are available in Japanese. They have frequently featured Tom Meyer, sometimes know as the Bible Memory Man. You might want to look at his website as he has memorized large portions of Scripture as well.

    And Thomas Donlon was right, it is a blessing when we can all learn from others, like Tim Mahoney, Dr. Rickett, and scholars and scientists from organizations like Answers in Genesis, which are too numerous to mention, who are working overtime to get the message of a Biblical worldview out to people.

    “The Scripture cannot be broken” (John 10:35).

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