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  • Thomas Donlon

    July 30, 2021 at 10:05 pm

    Keisuke Matsumoto wrote, “It has been my great joy and undeserved privilege to be a part of HFS to look for the solutions together.”

    I agree, it has been a privilege to me and a great responsibility. Much great material has been shared in the Monthly Focus each month (worth reviewing for I forget and have forgot much of it) but also the connections to knowledgeable and kind people have been also very edifying, and the extra material in the Collector’s Editions of the produced movies has also been phenomenal.

    Sometimes we all disagree, but this can be opportunity to build up the body of Christ and even to learn personally from people who share their knowledge, and sometimes we are to fulfill Paul’s advice to be patient with one another, and sometimes we follow Jesus advice to forgive others.

    Knowledge has increased as Daniel wrote and today we more often than not have specialized fields of knowledge. We often find that we each have areas and abilities that lag behind others by “orders of magnitude” and yet in other ways we are better gifted or better able to serve or give or encourage others by “orders of magnitude” than others in the areas God has gifted us to personally or collectively excel. We each differ but need to care for each other for it is the body of Christ that we are to look out for and treat the other members with respect. Consider the eye and foot. One is very delicate and needs protection while the other can hit the ground at full force and handle lots of friction for acceleration or braking. One can perceive things from far off, the other only knows what it is in contact with. Tim Mahoney a few months or so ago mentioned we all have our “battle stations.” We each have some sort of role in advancing the knowledge and influence of God and bringing about necessary cooperation to serve Him. I’m an OK writer in some sorts of writing, but have varied strengths and weaknesses, though God’s power to do things in any of us is immense. I do know that one of the ways to build each other up is speaking the truth in love. And sometimes wisdom and love dictates just keeping quiet. Jesus recognized that his disciples could not handle all the things he wanted to tell them. God works things out over time in the church. Though sometimes I find He works dreadfully slow. But countering my notion is some of this month’s monthly focus videos that show modern (past hundreds or thousands of years) examples of how God has used Christians in the past, even using Christians to pray with faith and sensitivity to the Spirit. But regarding other people in the body of Christ: I can look at other’s strengths in serving God and “Esteem others better than myself.” The H Family is superior to me in some ways, others have different gifts of scholarship that I’ve learned from, and others have served others through individual or collective ministries in ways I have not, but these are things that God hasn’t called me to or gifted me in very well. But God didn’t call us to judge one another but to serve one another… and in this digital environment we sometimes learn by trial and error or learn by experience and prayer how to serve one another. Scriptures like Proverbs have been helpful to me. And many have also been great examples here on the HFS including Tim Mahoney in how he interviews and interacts with people who have different views.

    Let’s not overlook the good material that is in this month’s Monthly Focus about praying and listening to God as he will lead us. Yet we recognize that John? (in 1st John or so?) wrote “Do not believe every spirit but test the spirits to see if they are from God.” Not every thought is from God, but as it aligns with his will and his love … this is complex stuff and I’m not much of a “charismatic” at all. We in the HFS society and the body of Christ differ greatly from each other. But keep in mind that among the apostles on Jesus team he had a former “tax collector” as well as someone who had somehow ended up being called “Simon the zealot.” One co-operated with Romans and maybe the other “zealot” was excessively perturbed by Roman behavior? Maybe Jesus gave him the nickname just like he named James and John “Sons of thunder.”

    Once again I’m pushing the limit on HFS code of conduct in regard to keeping comments short. Sometimes though we forget what God has done and can do… and we need to look to Him for help to do his will.