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  • Thomas Donlon

    July 17, 2021 at 4:17 pm

    A jar said to be from the Judges era was found with the name Jerub-Baal on it.

    Here is a link but most of the article is behind a paywall at Does anyone else have any other information about this … such as a picture of the words? How does it fit within the context laid out by different scholars for the evolution of Hebrew? While we Christians in the 21st century are quick to see the connection with the Biblical character Gideon, scholarly context also is needed. By that I mean multiple people tend to have the same names. Gideon may not have been the first person called Jerub-Baal. Indeed if he became a hero maybe other babies were named after him and the name became popular.

    This name is just a piece of the puzzle. Yet it is an exciting piece. It may end up supporting the scriptural account if it refers to the same person. It may support the Biblical account in a more general way, showing the name was existence at the time the scripture places him. Maybe there is a historical context that will help support that the Biblical events took place earlier/later or just when scholars tend to assume it happened.

    People like us who believe the Bible can be cautiously optimistic, a bit excited but we also want to get a better grasp of the historical context than what can be gleaned from just having read a few lines from a Haaretz article.

    I’m also interested in how developed or morphed Hebrew was in the time of the Judges (if that is what this is turning out to be).