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Home Forums Evidence for a script Moses could have used to write the Torah Was the Torah originally written in a Semitic alphabet? Reply To: Was the Torah originally written in a Semitic alphabet?

  • Michele Rousseau

    June 23, 2021 at 2:56 pm

    Hello Bradford,

    I am fairly new to this platform as well, so I tend to have shorter responses than most. I’m not an expert, nor even a student of biblical archaeology. I’m just from that same family of viewers who saw the foundational documentary “The Exodus Conspiracy” as you mentioned in your post.

    I want to share some thoughts to add to your question because I have not heard of Thamudic language. However, I have been studying, off and on, from a book called “Hebrew Word Pictures” by Dr. Frank T. Seekins, which teaches about the very Semitic writings shown in the documentary “The Moses Controversy” from the Patterns of Evidence films. The Hebrew/Semitic writings in stone that were shown in the documentary were considered “different” than the other writings on the stone. I am intrigued by this Thamudic name reference to the language.

    I am also persuaded to believe that this Hebrew/Semitic language was the language at the time of the Tower of Babel which became many different languages (Genesis 11). The history of language, as approached in The Moses Controversy documentary, has opened “Pandora’s Box” for me. The film gradually brings some of its focus to the time of Joseph in Egypt as possible origin of the Hebrew/Semitic alphabet. I realize that the Tower of Babel was many generations before Joseph, but I keep coming back to Genesis 11 where language was the focus of a major event in that time, in that biblical passage.

    In addition, just today, I happened to be reading from Psalm 81 and verse 5, where Asaph wrote, “This He established in Joseph as a testimony, when he went throughout the land of Egypt, where I heard a language I did not understand.” (Psalm 81:5 NKJV) This scripture then referenced Psalm 114:1 “When Israel went out of Egypt, the house of Jacob from a people of strange language,…”

    Does your book by Dr. Jones speak of the Exodus from Egypt regarding the Thamudic language or reference the Bible in any way, or does it only focus on the origin of identifying the Thamudic language?