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  • Michele Rousseau

    June 23, 2021 at 6:52 am

    Hello Deborah,

    Thank you for your reply and noting the discussion on this platform about narrative vs. poetic writings in the Bible. That is helpful for me.

    Before I signed on here today, I was thinking about scientific perspective and scientific approach as opposed to faith. Faith is the evidence of things not seen, according to the Bible. Science seeks evidence that can only be seen. So, I realized that the two are at the opposite ends of the spectrum, and I stand at the faith end of the spectrum. For me, as a member of this society, “Historical faith” indicates faith that has stood over time as evidence of things not seen.

    I am so thankful for the narrative and the poetic writings in the Bible, and the words of the Lord to the nation of Israel “to teach” the Passover and the wonders of our God to your children. The Passover Seder is obedience to God, and those poetic writings are also obedience to God. Otherwise, I would never know the historical wonder of God. The LORD GOD parted waters for them on two occasions, and if I include Elijah/Elisha’s mantle then three occasions, so, I tend to think of the poetic writings as each unique perspective of the Red Sea miracle experience passed down with the goal being, “believe and trust in God”.

    In my perspective, there is no such thing as “science” for proof of a miracle. A miracle is exponentially beyond scientific proof because it is beyond the natural – supernatural. A miracle requires absolute faith, whether historical or experienced personally “in the now”. So, I fail to see how God can be exaggerated in any historical telling of a miracle. God’s words to the father of faith, Abraham, were “Is anything too hard for the LORD?” (Genesis 18:14 NKJV)