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  • Deborah Hurn

    June 14, 2021 at 5:09 am

    Correction: “They also renamed from the Arabic Wadi Figra as Nahal Zin.” The Nahal Zin river system is the basis of the Wilderness of Zin.

    Note that the twelve spies went from the Wilderness of Paran northward through the Wilderness of Zin, across the Negeb (the Beersheba Valley), and into the Hill Country of Canaan. They traversed the whole length of the Hill Country as far north as Lebanon (about 400 km or 250 miles!), returning the same distance via the Valley of Eshcol to Moses at Kadesh in the Wilderness of Paran (Num 13:3, 17, 21-22, 26; Deut 1:23-24).

    Kadesh is more commonly identified with the Wilderness of Zin (Num 20:1; 27:14; 33:36; Deut 32:51). This proximity between the Paran and Zin wildernesses and a reference to Mount Sinai as Mount Paran (Hab 3:3) situates the holy mountain not far from Kadesh in the Wilderness of Paran. These regions are all ‘local’ to Southern Canaan and all on the west side of the Rift Valley. From S to N they are consecutive and contiguous:

    • Mount Sinai
    • Wilderness of Paran
    • Kadesh District
    • Wilderness of Zin
    • The Negeb
    • The Hill Country of the Amorites
    • The Lebanon

    Jebel al-Lawz on the eastern side of the Aqaba Gulf about 240 km from Kadesh is remote and irrelevant to this scenario.