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  • Deborah Hurn

    June 13, 2021 at 11:14 pm

    So, if Mount Sinai is at Har Karkom at the southern edge of the Negev Highlands, it is on the western side of the Paran River catchment. Moses could indeed be referring to this river system as the Wilderness of Paran. The historical geographers of the new state of Israel thought so when the Governmental Names Commission renamed from the Arabic Wadi Jirafi as Hebrew Nahal Paran in the 1950s. They also renamed from the Arabic Wadi Figra as Wadi Zin. These two main river-systems of the southern regions are among sixteen rivers in Israel to receive their original biblical names. The river-system of Nahal Paran makes up almost the entire Southern Negev. It is a lowlands region of many desert wadis that consolidate near Har Karkom to flow NNE as one past the Karkom mesa towards the Northern Arabah. These wadis would have been suitable for grazing flocks. Pastoral nomads make seasonal migrations from the lowlands in the winter to the highlands in the summer where the grass lasts longer. This is what Moses was doing over there on the west side of the Paran wilderness in the Negev Highlands. It was probably summer and he was exploiting highlands pasture on and around Har Karkom “behind the wilderness”.