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  • Timothy Mahoney

    June 11, 2021 at 2:25 pm

    Hello Everyone,

    Here is a free college course that Dr. Brian Rickett is giving “An Introduction to the Christian Worldview”

    “An Introduction to the Christian Worldview”

    A Historical Faith Society Presentation

    Sponsored by the Brookes Bible College, St. Louis

    By Dr. R. Brian Rickett

    The 2019 Pennsylvania Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast was themed, “How Has Bible Positively Shaped Society?” The task of answering the question was assigned to Historical Faith Society Scholar in Residence, Dr. R. Brian Rickett. His original talk gave an outline of the Judeo-Christian worldview with examples of how that worldview has led to the advance of science, individualism, freedom, and progress in the West. It was also illustrated with manuscripts, scrolls, and facsimiles representing the various stages of the Bible from the early Christian era through the advent of the printing press.

    That talk has now been expanded into an interactive 15-week course offered to members of The Historical Faith Society. The goal of the course is to help thinkers deepen their understanding of the Christian worldview and how it is able to profoundly engage the most pressing worldview issues of the day.

    Sample questions that will be answered include: “What are the unique characteristics of a Judeo-Christian worldview that have allowed for science, individualism, freedom, and progress in the West?” and “Why is the world so broken, and what is the explanation for that brokenness?” Additionally, cutting-edge topics will be engaged, including: “How does a biblical worldview provide a basis for the value of human life?” and “What is it’s response to racism?” Additional issues include: “What about environmentalism?” and more generally, “How does the Bible offer guidance for emerging questions and issues of the day?”

    The course will be co-sponsored by The Brookes Bible College of St. Louis, Missouri and offered at no cost to participants. College credit will be available to qualifying students who register with Brookes.

    About the Professor: In addition to serving as Scholar in Residence at the Historical Faith Society, Brian Rickett is also Professor of Bible and Apologetics at The Brookes Bible College, and Principal Researcher at The MIKRA Research Laboratory. He has taught biblical and theological research languages since 1998, heads the MIKRA Research Laboratory, and has a doctorate in Christian Worldview and Cultural Engagement.

    Course Description: Introduction to the Christian Worldview is a dynamic, interactive course that prepares Christians to articulate the major distinctives of the Christian Worldview in propositional form. Participants will learn to apply these to real life issues and to respond to critical perspectives.


    Thursday Evenings: 7:00-9:00 PM CST

    Platform: Web portal here (Use Brooks Event portal, like here)

    Registration: Working out Details

    <font face=”times new roman, serif” size=”4″ color=”#666666″>Dr. R. Brian Rickett</font>

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    <font color=”#666666″ face=”times new roman, serif”>6900 West Lake Street Minneapolis, MN 55426 • 952-915-9502</font>

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