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  • Deborah Hurn

    June 5, 2021 at 10:26 am

    Hi Ron. To your numbered points:

    1. Yes, Horeb is another name for Sinai.

    2. No, Mount Sinai-Horeb is not in Arabia (what we now understand as Arabia is different to the 1st C understanding). Note that Hagar (Gal 4:25) was probably never east of the Rift Valley. She and Abraham’s household wandered around between Philistia and Egypt. So an allegory linking Hagar to Mount Sinai is probably not connected with Saudi Arabia.

    3. No, Mount Sinai-Horeb is not *in* Midian. It is at the “backside [west] of the [unnamed] wilderness” (Ex 3:1) *near* Midian.

    4. Kadesh is SW of Canaan at Ayn Qudayrat in eastern Sinai. The 11 days of Deut 1:2 apply to the distance between the place where Moses was when he spoke the words of Deuteronomy (the Plains of Moab) and Mount Horeb where Israel had been 39 yrs before. The whole point of Deut 1:1-3 is that Israel had taken 39 years to get to a destination only 11 days from Mount Horeb. Without that context, Deut 1:2 is without any relevance to vv. 1 and 3. Deut 1:1-2 should be read as one sentence in Hebrew. Look it up in Young’s Literal, or the Modern King James.

    5, 6. Midianites lived among the Moabites, both N and S of the Arnon. Midian was a mobile Arabian tribe who turned up in many places throughout biblical history.

    7. Yes, Paran is between Midian and Egypt. Bear in mind that Hadad was an Edomite. His travel vector is Edom-Midian-Paran-Egypt. So this is all N of the Aqaba Gulf.