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  • Deborah Hurn

    June 4, 2021 at 11:24 am

    Ron, in favour of Kadesh lying in the northeast Sinai in the Wadi Arish catchment, we have the toponyms from Num 34 and Josh 15 preserved in the Arabic:

    Jos 15:1-4 NRSV  The lot for the tribe of the people of Judah according to their families reached southward to the boundary of Edom, to the wilderness of Zin at the farthest south.  (2)  And their south boundary ran from the end of the Dead Sea, from the bay that faces southward;  (3)  it goes out southward of the ascent of Akrabbim, passes along to Zin, and goes up south of Kadesh-barnea, along by Hezron, up to Addar, makes a turn to Karka,  (4)  passes along to Azmon, goes out by the Wadi of Egypt, and comes to its end at the sea. This shall be your south boundary.

    Kadesh: Ayn Qadeis

    Addar: Ayn Qudayrat

    Azmon: Ayn Qusayma

    Karka means “floor” and there is a plain between Ayn Qudayrat and Ayn Qusaymah.

    Note: the guttural ‘ayin’ ‘A’ in Hebrew comes through in Arabic as ‘Q’ or ‘G’.

    Hezron/Hazar is sometimes paired with Addar (Num 34) and the Wadi of Egypt when studied in other biblical texts is most likely Wadi al Arish of the Central and Northern Sinai. The “sea” is the Med Sea.

    Kadesh is probably not Ayn Qadays all the same: the best water source by far in the Kadesh district is Ayn Qudayrat. So there are still some uncertainties, but overall, the location of Kadesh to the SW of Israel between Wadi Zin and Wadi Arish is well accepted by the scholars for good reasons, biblical, geographical, etymological.