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  • Thomas Donlon

    June 3, 2021 at 9:05 pm

    Hi Ron,

    I’m very open to an alternate location of Kadesh East of the line from the Dead Sea to the gulf of Aqaba. Some people like Rohl favor or are open to such a location.

    But Kadesh must at a minimum be South of the Dead Sea.

    Look at the way this scripture outlines the entire border of Israel. First the scripture gives the Southern border (whether on the South or heading South). Then is given the Eastern border (the Mediterranean) then the Northern border and then the border ends with the Eastern border heading down to the Dead Sea. So since this is a clockwise circle (or sorts) Kadesh has to be South of the Dead Sea (or south West or west) and can’t be located east of the Jordon River according to this configuration. Here is the scripture. Yet all the other stuff I’m open to. (But I don’t know much a Biblical geography.)

    2 “Command the people of Israel, and say to them, When you enter the land of Canaan (this is the land that shall fall to you for an inheritance, the land of Canaan as defined by its borders),
    3 your south side shall be from the wilderness of Zin alongside Edom, and your southern border shall run from the end of the Salt Sea on the east.
    4 And your border shall turn south of the ascent of Akrabbim, and cross to Zin, and its limit shall be south of Kadesh-barnea. Then it shall go on to Hazar-addar, and pass along to Azmon.
    5 And the border shall turn from Azmon to the Brook of Egypt, and its limit shall be at the sea.
    6 “For the western border, you shall have the Great Sea and its coast. This shall be your western border.
    7 “This shall be your northern border: from the Great Sea you shall draw a line to Mount Hor.
    8 From Mount Hor you shall draw a line to Lebo-hamath, and the limit of the border shall be at Zedad.
    9 Then the border shall extend to Ziphron, and its limit shall be at Hazar-enan. This shall be your northern border.
    10 “You shall draw a line for your eastern border from Hazar-enan to Shepham.
    11 And the border shall go down from Shepham to Riblah on the east side of Ain. And the border shall go down and reach to the shoulder of the Sea of Chinnereth on the east.
    12 And the border shall go down to the Jordan, and its limit shall be at the Salt Sea. This shall be your land as defined by its borders all around.”
    (Num. 34:2-12 ESV)