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  • Ron Bublitz

    June 3, 2021 at 10:40 am

    I find it interesting to read the variety of answers to this question. It’s an example of a question which seems specific but it really isn’t. That’s why you get pithy answers (pretentious sounding people who use “Yeshua” and “G-d”) and others who talk about “truth”. None of these answers are invalid, as such.

    There is one answer so far which touches on the problem with the question without realizing it. To highlight, a “biblical worldview” is pointless without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as the core. Let me explain.

    The era of the Crusades had a biblical worldview. They used passages in the Bible as a foundation for their goals and to spur on their armies in their endeavor. But as we look back on this we judge them for their lack of love and their blatant racism.

    The Roman Catholic church of the Middle Ages had a biblical worldview. They used passages in the Bible as a foundation for their organizational structure, their conquest and pillaging of areas of the world, and as justification for harsh sentences against anyone who went against their particular interpretation of “facts”. They were truly anti-science. Here science is defined as the accurate understanding of the environment we inhabit and not the anti-God religion that it has become. As an example, we judge their treatment of those who discovered the accurate structure and behaviour of the solar system as totally intellectually deficient and vicious.

    The creation of the American Constitution was based on a biblical worldview. They used passages in the Bible as a foundation for their document and the development of a system of government. However, a good portion of them were not actually true followers of Jesus Christ. In addition, the population that adopted the Constitution were not actually true followers of Jesus Christ. In the grand scheme of things, even if they governed themselves with a biblical worldview what good did it do them in the end? Ultimately, when they died, where have their souls ended up?

    But even those that are true followers of Jesus Christ, do they have a biblical worldview? It depends on the Bible that they use. Yes, there are different Bibles. If one uses a Bible that includes the Apocrypha (ie. Roman Catholic), the worldview presented will shape your mind a certain way. If one uses a Protestant Bible (based on Greek New Testament), the worldview will be shaped differently. If one uses a historical middle-eastern based Bible (based on Aramaic New Testament), the worldview will be different yet again. Which one is correct? Which one is more accurate?

    My answer after many years of study is to choose the Bible which presents the most accurate depiction of Jesus Christ. He is the Alpha and Omega and everything must revolve around Him. The Apocrypha can be demonstrated to present an inaccurate view of Jesus Christ so as a result, that Bible is untrustworthy. The Greek based Bible presents many problematic utterances from Jesus Christ. There are passages which hardly get preached on and when they do, pastors and linguistic experts have to do back flips in order to explain them away. This bothered me for many years and was a stumbling block in my Christian life. When I came across the Aramaic based Bible (the Peshitta) and studied the English translations made in the 1800’s, I was amazed. Most modern translations of the Peshitta have New Age and Hebrew Roots Movement errors in them and muddy the whole issue. But the 1800’s translations present the “problematic” sayings of Jesus Christ in a completely accurate and Godly understanding. They finally solve those problematic statements.

    So to summarize, a proper biblical worldview is wholly dependent on a regenerated person in Jesus Christ and a proper understanding of an accurate Bible.