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  • Thomas Donlon

    June 2, 2021 at 12:50 am

    Deborah, I’m hanging pretty tight to the timeline of the angels and the Lord appearing to Abraham in the heat of the day and yet the two angels arriving on foot at the cusp of evening and night. I’m figuring the Bible could be allowing up to seven or eight hours of travel time for the angels on foot. I get the impression Abraham expected them to have completed their journey and investigation and subsequent judgment around morning. If Abraham thought it would have been sooner he might have camped out at the vantage point that night.

    And secondarily the point where after a relatively brief time to escape from Sodom we have traditional locations for Lot’s wife to have been transformed. So I assume the salt pillar markers have some value.

    Thirdly, I just came across this scripture. The desolation described in Genesis 19 covered the entire region that Lot had been living. He pitched his tents all over the place (flocks and all that he originally had). And that had to start from the Northern end of the Dead Sea where he had first left Abraham. So the whole region he hung out got destroyed.

    NAB Genesis 19:29 When God destroyed the cities of the Plain, he remembered Abraham and sent Lot away from the upheaval that occurred when God overthrew the cities where Lot had been living. (Gen. 19:29 NAB)

    So, in my mind, this would include all the cities of the plain as well as the areas to South of the Dead Sea. I’m hoping for some solid verification or scientific thoughts on what appear to me to be a large swarm of craters all over the cliffs to the South West of the Dead Sea.

    Without early pictures of the area, I’m not sure how to discount the craters being from human activity. It can’t be that easy to make a discovery —— can it? Just look on Google Earth? Surely I’m on the verge of making some amateur mistake here and jumping to a wild, embarrassing conclusion? Or have these craters been ignored and misidentified from the earliest times that they were noted?