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  • Deborah Hurn

    May 30, 2021 at 12:07 am

    Thomas, good thinking re how far from Hebron to the cities of the plain. I have run some measurements in Google Earth Pro, and it is still 55+ km from Hebron city to the traditional site of Sodom, at Bab adh-Dhra, while the distance from Hebron city to Tall al-Hammam is 65+ km. These are both two day’s journey at human pace…. so it doesn’t seem to help to calculate from a day’s walk. I expect the angels would be pretty tempted to teleport as soon as they were out of sight ;-).

    Bab adh-Dhra and Numayrah are EBA IV cities, as I understand. This doesn’t suit the standard chronology with Abraham in the MBA. It doesn’t suit a ‘rock-bottom’ chronology with the exodus in the IBA either, as per the semi-nomadic remains all through the southern wildernesses in that era. The alternative for the Sodom story, as proposed from early days, is that the 5 cities of the plain have since been obliterated or submerged by the Dead Sea.