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  • Deborah Hurn

    May 27, 2021 at 8:24 pm

    Thomas, re the interview with George Howard and “Chuck” who hosts the YouTube cf-apps7865 channel:

    The interview shows George’s deep respect for Steve Collins and George talked about how his faith grew from the experience.

    As in my post above about the comments thread on the BiblePlaces blog, I found Collin’s emphatic claims and derisive rhetoric regarding the common view on Sodom to be unprofessional, so I can’t concur with Howard’s view. I would have “deep respect” for archaeologists like Manfred Bietak, whose assessments of his own findings are measured and modest. We all saw him on the first Patterns of Evidence doco, where his cautious “So far, not” comment sent Tim into his crisis of faith. Bietak appears again in the latest PoE doco (RSM I and II), interviewed this time in the courtyard of the Albright Institute, and again, is careful and considered… *even though* he has a new theory of his own to propose, now (correctly, in my view) shifting his focus from Tel el-Daba to Wadi Tumilat for the location of Goshen, and finding evidence for a lake there which explains the ‘Gesem’ and ‘Pithom’ lakes in papyrus records. If Howard’s faith has grown from his involvement with the Hammam project, that can only be good. But bear in mind that people’s faith has also grown by visiting Jebel Musa and a score of Holy Land sites that have been misidentified, and yet have become pilgrimage sites.