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  • Deborah Hurn

    May 27, 2021 at 12:24 am

    Thomas, you say:

    But he, Collins, didn’t come up with all this without input.

    This article is by a science writer who has come across Collins’ idea and has written it up for the magazine she works for. This is how we get a lot of our science ‘news’, summarised and interpreted for the lay public by popular intermediary outlets. The article does not show that Steve is somehow downstream from independent authoritative findings. The universities mentioned in the evolving-science article correlate to the affiliations of Collins’ own team — definitely Trinity Southwest and Elizabeth City State. So yes, Collins did “come up with all this without input” (other than his own inductive reasoning, as he explains in the video above) and *then* bolstered it with input from others, whether from his own digs, from colleagues, or from research groups and laboratories (which may often be no more than a chat with a staffer there). If you scroll down in his CV here, it seems that around 2005 he started introducing the idea that Sodom should be ‘relocated’ in the Jordan Valley. Many publications follow.

    This reminds me of James Hoffmeier’s prolific publications proposing Tel el-Borg up near the Med shore as the Red Sea crossing site. And David Rohl’s much-published proposal (is it his idea, or Bietak’s?) that Avaris in the NE Delta is the Hebrew settlement pre-exodus. Decades of prolific publishing and appeals to external authority don’t make these ideas true. Unless an idea solves more problems than it creates, and unless it can be verified from other fields, not least from the biblical data, it is yet another pet theory put forward by a persuasive or persistent personality. Scholarship will not roll over, the idea will remain ‘fringe’. This is why it is necessary to make a full case from every field with bearing on the topic. There are enough persistent problems with the Sodom-Hammam identity–biblically, logically, chronologically–to prevent it from being broadly accepted. This is the job of historical geography, to ‘interrogate’ the defendant. As for the headline of the evolving-science article, the Southern Jordan Valley of some 25 km diameter is by no means an “entire Bronze Age Civilization”.