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  • Deborah Hurn

    May 24, 2021 at 11:28 pm

    And now even the mainstream media is forced to acknowledge the resulting precipitous drop in world population. Ideas have consequences.

    If you don’t believe in God, you have no hope for life beyond death, no meaning to your suffering, no higher ideal than to survive, no purpose to self-sacrifice, no incentive for delayed gratification, no absolute good to aspire to, no sense in monogamy or fidelity, and no confidence that society will support and protect your descendants… so you decide to not have children or delay having them until the outcome is moot. Moreover, if you are told that humans are a blight on the planet, it seems wrong to procreate.

    As Tim has often explained, you can draw a direct line from attacks on biblical history to loss of faith to spiralling population decline. Only a significant change in worldview can reverse this trend.