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  • Thomas Donlon

    May 22, 2021 at 12:16 pm

    Hi Deborah,

    Here is a partial answer, since I don’t think God wants me to spend all day writing a response. I’ll only address your first two points now, and I suppose later address your other points.

    Your first question was about the “odds of meteor explosion” as compared to an earthquake induced fire of subterranean combustibles. If you can provide any significant examples of explosive fires of subterranean combustibles that would be helpful. I’m familiar with explosive volcanic eruptions. I’m familiar with long burning underground fires of coal seams. But the sudden intense heating indicated by surface pottery chard melting, which quickly subsides better matches the sudden and rather limited affects of an intense burning fireball. The paper I cited which can easily be searched on Duck Duck Go (top two results are to the paper) also indicates a strong directional blast which only left hefty stone structures with 120cm size width stones not blasted off toward the North East. The scientists are reading the evidence as an air burst.

    The second preliminary thought that you offered had to do with the details of the explosive damage. I thought the answer in the paper was good. It looks to me like Jericho is 20 kilometers away from the proposed Sodom location. Why was the blast propagation towards Sodom and didn’t destroy Jericho? I know the Tunguska event didn’t produce an entirely circular blast pattern. Fortunately at Tunguska, scientists could go back 20 years later and see the way the trees were pushed down by the blast wave(s). Your response also included your understanding that the area is now fertile. The paper accounts for that detail too with this historical comment.

    The return of civilization to the area had to wait 6-7 centuries, until the soil recovered sufficiently to again support agriculture.

    I suppose if I have time and it seems to be God’s will, I’ll come back and with His help try and address some or the rest of the other points.