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  • Ron Bublitz

    May 19, 2021 at 11:27 am

    “I know you guys all chat on various dating forums”. Actually I am not on any other forum other than this one. Mainly because this group of people I consider as very honestly seeking and onto the actual factual data. I do read of other peoples’ attempts and all the many attempts published in the past. I can easily dismiss most of them due to errors in assumptions: basically if you don’t deal with the intercalation method, you are wrong from the start. This has nothing to do with their theology or bias for my research. I constantly look for ways to disprove what I have researched and discovered.

    ” God is on His own timetable for releasing information to assist faith in the last days,”. That is a very profound and true statement. I have always prayed that God would use this information if He wants to. I wrote and published my book in obedience. If God wants it known, He will take care to. I have tried to get it to “knowledgeable” people for promotion. I even tried contacting the founder of this website. But as of yet, totally ignored.

    This all started because I have always wanted to know the actual truth. I do not want to believe lies. I knew that Christianity has so many traditions and they are not based on facts. The date of Christmas, for example. One day, I stood up and stated aloud to God, you answered and blessed Solomon in his plea for wisdom. Why can’t you do the same for me? I want to understand Your work throughout history and work out what is true and what is not. Would you open my eyes and guide me? I believe He did since the majority of this research happened within the following 2 weeks. But it has taken years to add to and find more and more confirmation. Of course, it all could be wrong and like I said, I would welcome if someone would show the fatal flaw. However, at this time, there are so many interconnected cycles and matching dates and different elements, it’s hard to understand why this hasn’t been discovered before. And I haven’t even shared half of what my research has uncovered.