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  • Deborah Hurn

    May 19, 2021 at 10:47 am

    I’ve sat on this information for more than 10 years already.

    Ron, I am in my 23rd year now since working out the exodus and wilderness itinerary in a huge rush of passion and revelation in 1998-99. For the majority of that time I have felt the same as you describe… lonely, crazy, and a failure for not finishing the work and publishing it. This exodus research has been a terrible burden, consuming my life while also blessing it with purpose and mission. But I found out I need not have felt so bad for the grinding process and slow progress. God is on His own timetable for releasing information to assist faith in the last days, and will crank us all along the tracks in the right order and speed. In the meantime we learn more, think it all through, and untangle more knots so that the final product is 100% better than it would have been. I am now very thankful I didn’t publish in the first decade. But if I had known then how much more there was to learn and process, I could not have continued. Just the other day while posting on this forum I discovered another set of three… the three wind miracles (locusts, Red Sea crossing, quail). I already had three water provision miracles (Marah, Sinai, Kadesh). I bet there are yet more to find and there are already about 40 sets! And just the process of writing this dissertation has sorted out lots of remaining questions.

    The mathematics patterns of biblical chronology are profound. There are patterns of patterns, and sets of sets. I was going to post yesterday that we need a ‘yeshiva’ (from “to sit”) for the maverick chronologists. I know you guys all chat on various dating forums (not that kind of dating, haha). But this topic needs its own conference. If we can ever travel again, it needs to happen. Can’t be done online. But it won’t be a nice collegial conference like others I have gone to. Everyone has their pet theories (this is why no-one will pay attention to any of them) which are disconnected from each other. Some of those theories need to be weeded out, or at least picked over for the useful bits and the rest discarded. What I would hope to emerge is a better master-chronology which is a working composite of the ‘best of’ insights, but can only be hashed out by huge debates, sigh. Would you come?