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  • Ron Bublitz

    May 19, 2021 at 12:02 am

    I’m not sure if the third year in Deut 26:12 is connected, but there does seem to be a theme running through history that the third/fourth day of the week is connected to God’s provision of Salvation.

    This takes a bit of explanation to build. To begin, the Exodus timeline of days can be reconstructed. It becomes evident that the Exodus took place on a Wednesday with the Passover at the start of that day. Remember that Jewish days start and end at sundown. Since Passover always occurs on the 14th day of the first month, it will always be full moon. The first day of the month is always just after the new moon. Counting back, the first day of that month is a Thursday (the 5th day of the week).

    If you map out Creation Week, you will find that the very first day that could be determined with a completed sun and moon system was the 5th day of the week – Thursday. This seems to be very significant.

    For if you take the time cues given in the Passion Week narrative, the crucifixion must have taken place on Wednesday with the Passover in the evening at the start of that day. It takes too long to develop this but basically a Friday crucifixion does not allow 3 full days as Jesus Christ predicted he would be in the grave for. This can be confirmed by using the proper intercalation cycle used at the time, the NASA eclipse tables, and the unchanging cycle of fig fruiting – they all point to 31 AD. The calendar of the first month of that year had the first day on a Thursday and that resulted with Passover taking place on a Wednesday.

    If that doesn’t blow your mind enough, the cycle of Sabbath years that runs through history shows that 31AD is the 4th year of a cycle – the mid point – the “Wednesday” year.

    And looking at the most probable birth year of Jesus, that was also the mid point of a Sabbath year cycle.

    Now here I put myself even more on a limb. But if these cycle are regular through out history, then they also occur in to the future. Based on the 70Weeks found in Daniel and the 430 Day prophecy in Ezekiel, these both point to the exact same year coming up. This “just happens” to be the mid point of a Sabbath year cycle. And that particular year also has the first day of the first month start on a Thursday – that significant arrangement.

    And that year “just happens” to be 6000 years from the year of creation which has the exact same calendar arrangement ie. first day of the first month is a Thursday.

    When all these cycles intersect like this, it is amazing confirmation. Of course, many people will say it’s all hogwash. But when I first discovered this, I didn’t massage any of the arrangements to manipulate this. When I worked it out, it just fell in front of my eyes. I could not believe it at first. I tried to disprove it so many times. But it just works out like this.

    But…one has to be put aside tradition in several areas. That is hard to do for many people. You have to allow the facts and math to tell their story. Your preconceived ideas can play no part.