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  • Ron Bublitz

    May 17, 2021 at 1:24 am

    I’m wondering if anyone has seen anyone or have done it themselves – working with the cycle of Sabbath years and Jubilee years and how they can determine the exact date of the Exodus? The Exodus takes place in Year 1 of the Sabbath cycle. This means it’s also the start of the Jubilee year cycle. The Bible also states that Solomon’s 4th year was the start of him building the Temple which was also 480 years after the Exodus. The temple took a certain number of years to build. And when you chart that out, you find that the Year of Jubilee was just a few years after – very likely when he dedicated the Temple. So there are some anchor points which can be shifted as a complete block.
    Now to anchor it in exact time, consider it very likely that even though God initiated the cycles in the Exodus instructions, His cycles could have been going on since the Creation. So if you determine the 7 year cycles back to the beginning, you can get the exact year of the Creation to anchor to. If the Jubilee Year is anywhere near this date, that is amazing corroboration that the dates are correct. And it turns out, it is.

    I haven’t seen this discussed anywhere. I can’t have been the first to figure this out.