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  • Tess Adone

    May 10, 2021 at 12:20 pm

    What is your definition of a Biblical Worldview?

    My definition of a biblical worldview is: To regard the world through an accurate understanding of the Bible and faith in Jesus Christ.

    The text of the Bible is the viewing lens, but that is not sufficient for accurately bringing it to bear on the world. Accuracy inevitably suffers when historicity is compromised. Denial is the foremost hermeneutic when literal events constitute nothing more than figurative morality stories. A biblical worldview relies on accuracy, which relies on trusting the historicity of the text.

    To accuracy must be added spiritual soundness, found through faith in the Messiah. “’You diligently search the Scriptures because you think to have eternal life in them, and these are they bearing witness concerning Me; and you are not willing to come to Me, that you may have life’” (John 5:39 Berean Study Bible). It is precisely because the majority of scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducees lacked faith that they could not correctly handle the scriptures. Jesus denounced them in the strongest terms. He said to Nicodemus, a leader and teacher in Israel, “’You must be born again’” (John 3:7).

    An accurate biblical worldview, then, must be guided by saving faith in God through Jesus Christ and belief in the literal historicity of the Word. The Historical Faith Society combines all the elements.

    Why is it important to pass this understanding along to the next generation?

    It is more important than ever to pass on accurate historical faith as the basis for a biblical worldview because the time is short. It is dependent on the current generation to have this understanding in order to pass it on to the next generation, which may well be the Tribulation generation. Moreover, the apostate church of Laodicea is well-attested in these end days, and those who have never read the entire Bible, or who have low biblical literacy—and there are many—do not understand it and cannot teach it, whether to their offspring or others, much less apply it to manifold complexities in the world.

    What examples can you give that you are currently doing, or would like to do to pass a biblical worldview on to the next generation?

    The Evidence series of Thinking Man Films presents information in an interesting format, and I have sent films as gifts because they build bridges with friends and relatives of varying beliefs, and especially because they uphold the historicity and veracity and inspiration of the Bible. The Evidence series and the Historical Faith Society resources unrelentingly turn people to the text as the basis for all evidence, so I can share them as representative of my own biblical worldview.

    Another way I share my biblical worldview is by modeling Billy Graham, whose signature phrase was, “The Bible says…” It, in turn, is modeled on Jesus saying, “It is written…” Most of the time, I do that in personal communications. I may not always preface scriptures with those phrases, but I prefer to employ direct citations. Essentially, that is what TMF and HFS do also—illuminating them on a grand scale.

    Fiction may seem a long shot in doing my part to pass on a biblical
    worldview, but it is my most public effort. In my sole novel to date, Respect
    and Respectability: Susan Price at Mansfield Park
    , the narrative traces a
    spiritual journey from unbelief—even hostility toward God—to saving faith. I am
    working currently on a novel that features a spiritual transformation during
    the 1960s. My hope is that, presented with a clear opportunity to
    receive Christ as savior, readers will overcome their own objections and turn
    and be saved.