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  • Deborah Hurn

    May 4, 2021 at 11:10 am

    One of the best accounts I have read of the Red Sea crossing dates to 1899! I maintain that the 19th-century amateur explorers, colonial engineers, and ‘gentleman scholars’ were doing just great working out the geography of the exodus until the 20th-century archaeologists (the professionals) came along and mucked it all up 😉

    Sir Robert Hanbury Brown was the Inspector General of Irrigation for Lower Egypt. He knew a thing or two about the Delta and the Suez Isthmus.

    Brown, Robert Hanbury. The Land of Goshen and the Exodus. London: Edward Stanford, 1899.

    Available here in several formats:

    Here is a short book review in Nature 107: 679 (1921)

    “Sir Hanbury Brown advocates the view that the land of Goshen lay immediately west of the present Suez Ship Canal, that the western arm of the Red Sea extended at the time of the exodus over the Bitter Lakes and Lake Timsah, almost as far as Tel el Maskhuta (Pithom of the Bible), and that the crossing of the Red Sea took place between Lake Timsah and the Bitter Lakes, below Tussum, near Serapeum. In the new edition he contends that the term Yam Suph refers to the expanse of water now called the Red Sea, in opposition to Sayce’s view which limits the term to the Gulf of Akabah, namely, the arm to the east of the Sinai peninsula. The author also identifies the present Ayun Musa as the Elim of the exodus: this, like many other views advanced by him, is rendered eminently reasonable by his advocacy. The last chapter, entitled Modern Events in Goshen, contains illuminating parallels from modern history to the events associated with the sojourn of Israel in Egypt, including an interesting reference to the attack on the Suez Canal during the recent war.”