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  • Thomas Donlon

    May 3, 2021 at 7:49 pm

    <div>In the code of Conduct for the HFS forums we read:</div>


    Add sources. State when you are summarizing someone else’s work and include a reference.



    The H Family wrote: “Charles Darwin did everything he could to erase God from science. His
    goal was to explain all science by natural laws alone, and to eradicate
    the Bible.”

    Any chance your family can pull up some quotes from Darwin to substantiate your statements?

    Anyone else familiar enough with Darwin’s writings to explain why and how Darwin came to his theory? Was it all due to enthusiasm to erase God and eradicate the Bible? Now it probably was the case with some of Darwin’s supporters.

    But isn’t there some fallacy you might be engaging in if you are asserting Darwin is wrong because of a particular motive of his? In any case please prove your attribution of Darwin’s motive. Also note that Alfred Russel Wallace came up with the same theory and they jointly presented their theory together. Also, in my research to respond to your post, I found evolutionary theories predated Darwin. Also Lamarck and others postulated evolution before Darwin.

    One source:

    Darwinism in some areas has proved false. He did not know about genetics. Yet he was often observant. In the book THE ART OF SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION by W. I. B. BEVERIDGE, which was highly recommended by the author of the blog The Ethical Skeptic, I read this. P103

    Writing of Charles Darwin, his son tells us that:

    "He wished to learn as much as possible from a single experiment as he did not confine himself to observing the single point to which the experiment was directed, and his power of seeing a number of things was wonderful. ... There was one quality of mind which seemed to be of special and extreme advantage in leading him to make discoveries. It was the power of never letting exceptions pass unnoticed." The book references (28) Darwin, F. (1888) Life and Letters of C. Darwin, John Murray, London.

    The H Family, you might remember that Charles Darwin in some version of his book lamented that the “eye” did not seem to fit in an evolutionary paradigm. That anecdote or report would lend credence to the statement of his son that Charles Darwin took notice of facts that did not support his theory. Now later people like Richard Dawkins have come up with adequate explanations for how the eye evolved.

    Did you bring up Darwin in your post to just make a quick point or are you trying to change the mission of HFS to discuss matters like this? And matters like “hell?’ And matters like which Christians who are scientists have good credentials? And your commentary about Catholics and their history.

    There are likely a number of Catholics, even Evangelical Catholics on this forum.

    Understand that some creationists have a reputation of not being solid thinkers. So if you do want to debate evolutionists you will need to better cite your sources, if you want them to respect you.

    Is there a reason you stick to one letter in your name? Is it really in your name? I have no problem with someone operating in the darkness if they need to do this for security reasons (like The Ethical Skeptic) but I’m awaiting you adding much to the discussion. One scholar got in a debate with everyone and then you criticized everyone here but him.

    I’m having trouble differentiating you from a troll. Granted you take a strong stand for the Bible but you poke at areas where there are differences and I’m wondering if you are trying to get controversy going … for some reason that I can’t fathom. Also, I am recollecting that you express sadness about this website and the forum comments.

    If you want to respond, this will be a good time for you… in that I might not have the opportunity to respond back to you right away. I just got Patterns of Evidence THE RED SEA MIRACLE II Collectors Edition with over 8 hours of Extended Interviews and Bonus Features. 🙂