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  • Thomas Donlon

    April 29, 2021 at 10:49 pm

    Deborah Hurn’s reply is appearing to be the most cogent of the offered explanations but with evidence pointing in a number of descriptions I’m giving the most cogent viewpoint a 3% likelihood of being true and the other explanations an even less chance. Deborah is starting to get to close to David Rohl’s skill in putting a narrative together.

    However still unexplained in this narrative is what was going on with the Chariot wheels? English translations seem to be going over all place. “Jammed” and wheels coming off and wheels swerving. And my Hebrew skills are minimal.

    Yet Deborah was right about the text indicating that the Egyptians were fleeing back towards to the sea. Yet, the Bible description isn’t making any case (that I can see) of them trying to outrace the returning water.

    We could still have a spectacular supernatural miracle in any of the proposed locations.

    I’m as ignorant as they come in this discussion. I did as a kid really like walking in really windy conditons. But what has that to do with anything? Tim Mahoney had a day he hired actors and a windstorm made a bit of a mess of the film shoot. Whether Tim’s experience with the film shoot would add anything to our understanding of the Israelites crossing the Yam Suph, I’m not sure. But I did just read the Bible account again. “a strong east wind” (Exod. 14:21 NIV) is described in scripture.

    Back to my Sargent Schultz (from Hogan’s Heroes) view. “I know NOOOTTHIIINGGG!”