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  • Thomas Donlon

    April 28, 2021 at 7:54 pm

    The H Family wrote,

    Does Jesus’ command to “love one another” include being disrespectful to
    others, or insulting them on a public forum, because their views happen
    to be different from ours? As we noted before, many of the people who
    write on these forums appear to be intelligent and are trying to think
    through things, so this type of behavior is stooping below their caliber
    and, if they profess Christianity, is also contrary to the witness of a

    The context of this statement might be something to do with Doug Petrovich. The statement to me resembles that of a defense lawyer asking a prosecutor or an antagonistic witness “Why do you think my client is guilty?” Are you inviting me to attack Petrovich? Why? If I was disrespectful the best thing to have done would be to have pointed it out at the time, and suggested a better way I could have worded my criticism. I’m aware of enough firefights … we don’t need any more.

    The H family wrote,

    Historically the Pope and the Catholic Church have not stood on a
    faithful interpretation of the Word of God. One can just pick up any
    history book and see why the Reformation started, and why God swept it
    across all of Europe. It’s a known fact that they tried to deliberately
    keep the Word of God out of peoples’ hands, and persecuted those who
    did have it, which was the purpose of the Inquisition. Historically
    they have also emphasized their Councils, which are the subjective
    thoughts of men. Had they wisely used the time they spent persecuting
    others, and actually studied the Word of God, they might have realized
    that Galileo was correct, and that science and the Bible are not at

    I notice you didn’t recommend or suggest that the Pope should have looked through Galileo’s telescope. WHY?

    A short article I’ll copy.

    So R.C. Sproul stands in front of a seminary class and asks the question, “How many of you believe God’s revelation in scripture is infallible?” They all raised their hand.

    Then he asked, “Well how many of you believe God’s revelation in nature is infallible?” Nobody raised their hand. “How can that be?” Sproul asks. “It’s the same God giving the revelation.”

    All truth is God’s truth.