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  • The H Family

    April 28, 2021 at 8:55 am

    Mr. @tim Mahoney graciously set up this site, equipping it with a panel of scholars who are trained and have knowledge in various subjects and fields. Some may not agree with all of Mr. Mahoney’s choice of scholars; but it is at least incumbent on all of us to hear the positions that they say, so that they can be compared with Scripture.

    Our family would like to personally apologize to @dr_petrovich and any other of Mr. Mahoney’s scholars that have been offended by some of the posts on this site. We know that we can’t be the only ones on this site that actually want to hear and learn.

    The question was recently posed to us as to why God does certain things the way He does (such as placing Palestine in the midst of a major earthquake zone in order for God to use them as naturalistic mechanisms). Since we take the position that the Holy Spirit is much wiser than ourselves, and that God has given us all that we need for salvation in His Book, the Bible; we can honestly say we don’t know why God does certain things. But we do know that He is the Sovereign God of the universe and doesn’t have to explain to us what He does. In other words — as Dr. Petrovich once said — whatever, however, and whenever God chooses to do something, that’s His prerogative. And we know that whatever God has ordained, even if it appears in our eyes as bad, He means it all for good.

    In the April focus video, Mr. Mahoney included diver Aaron Sen. Mr. Sen’s testimony is that naturalistic explanations were driving him away from Christ instead of to Christ. Naturalistic explanations will not convince anyone of the truth of Scripture. Especially since Jesus says that some are so hardened that not even spectacular miracles (like One rising from the dead) will convince them to believe. It’s not our job to convince or persuade anyone. In fact, that’s not Dr. Petrovich’s job, Mr. Mahoney’s job, or anyone else’s job on this site. Only the Holy Spirit can change and convince any heart. Mr. Mahoney has done a very good job, as well as the scholars that he has had here, of presenting the supporting evidence for the authenticity of Scripture for those who are born again and believe that what the Bible says is true.

    The truths and supernatural miracles of the Red Sea crossing are amazing to consider. But the writer of Hebrews also begs us to consider what happened to the very large nation of Israel when they chose to act like skeptics and unbelievers in the wilderness. Except for Caleb and Joshua, that whole generation died in the desert and never actually got to cross the Jordan River because of their rebellion, unbelief, and hardness of heart. Some people would take the Promised Land as an allegory for heaven, but the entrance into the Promised Land can also resemble the entering of a new relationship with Jesus Christ. It is to be feared that some of the modern day skeptics who today claim to be Christians will one day end up becoming the Douglas Knights and William Devers of the next generation — who are, by their own admission, atheists and agnostics. The Scriptures say that these men are without excuse. And so is any other professing “Christian” who knows the truth and suppresses that truth with lies. It’s a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. But for anyone who truly is seeking salvation, we’d again encourage you to check out

    Today if you hear His voice, harden not your heart like the children of Israel did. Rob Bell has been mentioned on HFS before as an authority to appeal to. However, Mr. Bell claims that Hell does not exist. The sobering question is: What if he’s wrong? Are you willing to stake your soul on it?

    “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

    “If you cannot understand … then grant the Holy Spirit the honor of being more learned than you are. For you are to deal with Scripture in such a way that you bear in mind that God Himself says what is written. But since God is speaking, it is not fitting for you wantonly to turn His Word in the direction you wish it to go.” ~ Martin Luther