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Home Forums Existence of the Israelites in Egypt How long was the sojourn in Egypt? Reply To: How long was the sojourn in Egypt?

  • Deborah Hurn

    April 24, 2021 at 8:37 am

    Hi Ken. It’s all there ^^ up the thread, though it is getting to be a long one with several sub-threads. There is also a table that I had to link from my updates (in my profile ‘photos’), the only place on the forum where it is possible to upload images.

    I find your question a bit confusing, you may need to phrase it differently. But the 430/400 years discrepancy seems simple to me. We know Abram took 20 yrs to get to Canaan from Ur because Terah and Nahor wanted to stay in Haran. When his father Terah died, Abram continued on to Canaan and left his brother Nahor in Haran. The Bible quotes are reproduced ^^ above. Stephen’s commentary on in Act 7 is important to identify Abram’s original calling and possibly also the original promise of a singular seed: “The God of glory appeared to our ancestor Abraham when he was in Mesopotamia, before he lived in Haran…”

    Thus, the 430 years is the total time of the Age of Promise, from Abram’s first calling in Ur to the exodus and giving of the Law (these events only 7 weeks apart). The 400 yrs starts 30 years later, with the formal covenant with Abraham at age 85 (Gen 15:13) after he had been in the land of Canaan for 10 yrs (430-400=30=20+10). Both periods terminate at once with the giving of the Law which commenced the Age of Law. I don’t know how long that lasted… ballpark to the Age of Grace that starts with Jesus’ ministry would be about 1450 yrs if we accept biblical chronology. Maybe there is a nice sum or multiple to be discovered there.

    It’s bad form to quote myself from ^^ up the thread, but there it says simply:

    In seeking to harmonise all passages of Scripture relevant to any issue, the preferred solution is that which does not minimise or deny a majority of texts…. In this case there is adequate justification in Galatians 3:16,17 to include the patriarchal era within the 430 years of Exodus 12:40,41, thereby doing no violence to the established genealogies.