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  • Thomas Donlon

    April 21, 2021 at 12:05 am

    Deborah, the notion of the waters “returning” rather than just having thousand foot walls of water exploding back on the Egyptians has merit from several angles. The literary aspect —— it seems to better fit the word of God. Another factor is the explosive pressure of some thousand feet of water suddenly and instantly being unfrozen from their wall-like formation. As a kid, I read books about submarines in war. A small pin hole size leak in as submarine can create a jet of water that will just cut through a human being. Modern machining will sometimes involve using high pressure water to cut metals or whatever to shapes.

    This has a little bit of bearing on underwater research regarding the Exodus Yam Suph crossing site. At least in any fairly deep water, if the water was suddenly released from a nearby “wall of water” position, the water would literally explode inward and tear apart what it would hit — cutting the chariots into particles of mud and shards and reducing the unfortunate humans to little more than blast fragments or ooze. Am I possibly exaggerating the affects? Just thinking though about how the high pressure water cuts through nearly everything…

    WATER RETURNING though has a better implication for possible preservation of artificts.