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  • Thomas Donlon

    April 19, 2021 at 12:54 am

    Hi Ken,

    I’m willing to look into this (historical cities and their coastlines). But you’ve been studying chronologies for many years, so maybe it would be easier for you to look into. However, I’ve had some interest in maps. I could perhaps find some Bathymetric maps (how deep water is at various points in seas and oceans).

    Maybe you could look at ancient records that reliably record what cities were ancient ports at the time of your interests. I could then look at depth of water off the coast. If for instance you find evidence for an ancient port at a certain city just before the Exodus, I could maybe try to find some geological studies, or see if the ocean drops off quickly right off the coast. If for example a coastal city in Egypt is found and the ground slopes gradually into the ocean and doesn’t reach a thousand foot depth for say a hundred miles into the ocean it becomes less likely that an ocean level rise of that amount occurred during that time frame. I’m not trying to over-simplify the studies that are required… but it is start. Ports can perhaps be built on navigable rivers, but still we’d have to look at how steep the river cut is into the ocean bed. If it is too steep to be navigable, or maybe if an ancient harbor that dates to just prior to the Exodus isn’t on a river, it will make it more difficult to argue that the ocean level was much lower… or to argue that the see level was much lower than the harbor features seem to allow.

    I’ve not looked into any of this so I’m not making any real arguments or real suggestions. But I’m just trying to figure out how we can rule in or out some ideas that you have … and also, if true, how to support the theories or ideas that you think should be evaluated.

    Your questions are excellent and the way you are piecing evidence together for a coherent theory of the world is great. “Eustasy” defined by The American Heritage Dictionary: “A uniform worldwide change in sea level.”

    I’ll just note that sometimes local tectonic activity causes variations in coastal levels at some areas compared to others. I can get into more detail about Eustasy later.