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  • Nancy Ojeda

    April 17, 2021 at 7:08 am

    I have no doubt that every miracle documented in the Bible actually happened, including the Red Sea Crossing, even with walls of water like de Mille’s movie depiction. I have personally experienced many healing miracles and commanded or prayed for things to happen in nature that subsequently occurred, with no obvious explanation. It is tragic that millions of Christians do not access any of the power given to them and never experience a miracle.

    If anyone wants to learn more about healing miracles, I’d suggest starting by asking Dr. Randy Scott, who documented healings in his dissertation. He focused on surgically implanted metal (metal plates, artificial joints, etc.) being removed from the body by prayer. He has said he chose that type of miracle because it is the easiest to document using medical records and x-rays. I don’t know if he has published his dissertation, but he might be an interesting person for HFS to interview.

    I also want to mention that I’ve had several miracles (or answered prayers) on our property. We live in a forest and our driveway is almost 1/3 mile and winds through the trees. After a severe drought, several of our large trees died. We didn’t have the financial resources to hire professionals to remove the trees and it was dangerous to wait for them to fall. Pine trees drop all at once and oak trees drop in sections. Both are dangerous. I started praying for specific trees to drop safely. It got to the point that I said exactly where I wanted the tree to land, and it happened exactly that way. In one case, a pine tree had fallen on a branch of an oak tree and extended over our driveway. If the oak’s limb had given way under the weight of the pine, the pine would have fallen across our driveway. It was a dangerous situation. I asked for the tree to be somehow brought down without blocking our driveway, while we were at work. The next day, when we came home, the pine tree had broken in half and was neatly folded on top of itself beside the driveway. In another case, I asked for the dead tree to be brought down without blocking the driveway or harming the crape myrtles beside the driveway. The tree dropped so precisely, it was laid as close as it could be behind the crape myrtles without harming them. Additionally, one night a tornado was headed our way. I watched it on the radar as it approached. Then I heard it coming to our house and the pressure changed in the house. I commanded it to turn, and it did. This can be seen by the path of twisted trees. You can see where it took off the tops of the pines on our property line, twisted two big oaks and several smaller trees, then turned on the edge of our front yard.

    I have friends who live in my area who pray for storms to turn. There are a lot of people here who pray that, and if you’ll look at the path of Hurrican Ike, it came toward our area, and very improbably, it turned and went back to Houston.

    God taught me about taking control over the natural world by having me stand outside on my deck one night when there was very thick cloud cover. I didn’t know what He was doing – but He had me sing It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, over and over again, for about 30 or 40 minutes. Then he had me look up, and there was a large opening in the clouds above my house where I could see the stars. Singing “a midnight clear” resulted in a clear sky above me.

    I’ve also successfully prayed for mechanical things to work again, most notably our dryer.

    I’ve prayed for my husband to get a picture in his mind of how to solve problem in doing a complicated car repair, and voila’. He got an image of an ingenious and simple solution.

    I grew up in a mainstream denominational church and did not receive any education on miracles. It is literally a crying shame. There is so much more to Christian life than reading a devotional and getting comfort from prayer, but no results.